If you want to know the best ways to do it on LinkedIn, you are in the right place.


Why lead on LinkedIn?

According to a Wpromote report on the state of B2B marketing, 89% of industry professionals use LinkedIn to generate leads and 62% of them claim to do so. This doubles the results of the next most important social channel. [1]
Today’s top marketing priority is reaching the right audience and accurately reporting results. LinkedIn helps you achieve both of these goals with highly efficient professional targeting filters and accurate analytics tools.
The customer journey is changing

The B2B buyer process is increasingly complex. It is generally longer and more autonomous, with more and more stakeholders participating. In addition, the purchase decision is not influenced by only certain people in an account, but by different departments. According to our studies, between 3.1 and 4.6 groups may be involved in the process, such as IT, finance and HR departments. H H.

In such a context, it is best to build trust and build long-term relationships.


LinkedIn: your partner B2B

Because B2B purchasing decisions are complex and often compelling, stakeholders turn to experts to make them with confidence. The data shows that the typical buyer looks at 7-10 items of content before deciding. Well, LinkedIn is a network of more than 575 million professionals, including 2.8 million decision makers and 260,000 executives.

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Trust is increasingly important to making an impression on the brand and being credible to customers, hence marketers play a critical role in forging meaningful relationships with them. 75% of potential buyers say that thought leadership helps them choose their preferred companies. And with regard to where to share content, keep in mind that 70% say that one of the sources of information they trust the most is LinkedIn, as well as on the WSJ.com and Forbes.com portals.

To gain the trust of your audience, you must first have a good understanding of their interests, opportunities, and challenges. The large amount of data on B2B buyers available on LinkedIn will make your job easier. Marketers leverage information from LinkedIn to reach their target audience with relevant and actionable content in an ideal context. It is the formula for proven success to generate B2B leads.

Three factors distinguish LinkedIn as a B2B lead generation platform:


Professional data

Position, seniority, sector, location … This information helps you reach the right people in the best possible way.


Professional context

LinkedIn members turn to the platform to learn about business topics and advance their journey, making them more receptive to B2B messages.


Products in the news feed

Ads appear alongside your news feed content on LinkedIn to ensure a smooth experience.

Nowhere else will you find this combination of factors. Simply put, LinkedIn is the most suitable platform for B2B lead generation. The figures speak for themselves: the cost per contact is 28% lower than with Google AdWords.